What Is Rihanna’s Baby Name?

I mean, it's the best evidence we have so far

Since Rihanna gave birth in May of this year, people have been keen to find out more about her baby and RiRi as a mom, beginning with what his name is.

Keeping the little bundle well and truly out of the limelight, the public only knows very basic information about her and A$AP Rocky’s child. Reports have said that they welcomed a little boy, and that’s about all we know… until now.

For a while, fans had theorised that Rihanna may have chosen an ‘R’ name for her baby, as both her and A$AP have R names, ‘Robyn’ and ‘Rakim’. But there was no solid evidence to back that up and so fans didn’t dwell on the possibilities too much.

Now a theory with real evidence to prove it has emerged and fans are excited. Earlier this week Rihanna was spotted entering a recording studio in Hollywood where she was wearing a necklace with the letter ‘D’ on it.

Fans are now pretty certain that the baby’s name begins with the letter D as there’s no one else in Rihanna’s life that the necklace could be referencing.


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For now, that’s as close as we’re getting to a possible baby name. But that’s okay as there are other important matters at hand, those mainly being how Rihanna is gearing up to headline the SuperBowl halftime show in 2023, oh and let’s not forget the most important fact here that she was pictured visiting a recording studio. People have been waiting for her 9th studio album since her last drop way back in 2016.



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