Steal Model Rosanna Davison’s Foodie Eats & Diet Secrets

Ever wondered what former Miss World Rosanna Davison eats to stay looking so fit and fabulous? We found out.

If you’re looking for some summer body inspo then look no further than Rosanna Davision. She’s got glowy skin, and an enviable figure, but she’s no fan of fad diets, or quick fixes. No, Rosanna’s vegan diet is all about clean eats and plant based nutrition.

We had a quick nosey at her Instagram profile and got a serious case of hungry! #salivating. From sugar-free sweet treats to vegan-friendly curries and nutrient-packed salads, these meals don’t just look amaze-o, they’re seriously good for you too. And though we haven’t been lucky enough to try any of Rosanna’s homemade creations, we’d bet our store-bought sambo that they’re downright delish.

Scrummy, filling foods, a stack load of nutrients, and sweet treats thrown in? Sounds like a healthy eating plan we can get on board with! We’ll be hitting up Rosanna’s blog to nab these recipes STAT!

Pic credits: @rosanna_davison