What Sex And The City Taught Me

As the show celebrates 25 years, we reminisce on the lessons it's taught us...

Every little girl dreams of being a successful, fashionable woman living in a big city surrounded by her friends with a Cosmo in her hand. Well, every little girl who was a fan of Sex and the City had that dream and I was one of them. SATC, which first aired in June 1998 has inspired and enlightened generations of women.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show’s premiere we are looking at the lessons we have learned from watching and rewatching the four best friends tackle the New York dating scene, and looking fabulous while doing it.

1)Your friends are the most important thing

“They say nothing lasts forever. Dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style!”.

Throughout the 6 years, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and even Samantha (sometimes) all experienced heartbreak and disappointment. In those low moments, the friends were always there for each other making sure they each got right back up and kept going. At the end of the day it’s your girlfriends who are always going to be there so make sure to keep them close always.

2)Life doesn’t end at thirty

The SATC girls were in there thirties when the show first aired and if these women’s exciting lives are anything to go by, life only starts in your thirties. It’s when you are truly out in the world on your own. It’s the beginning of your independent adult life. so don’t sit there wishing your life away thinking you have to have a house and a mortgage by the time you’re 35. Just take every opportunity that comes your way and life live life to the fullest.

3) Have fun with fashion

Aside from the men and romance, the most important part of SATC was fashion. At times the characters clothing choices may have been questionable but for the most part, Carrie and her crew always looked fabulous. Whether they were dressed in charity shop vintage or the season’s latest line, we always envied the outfits. Each of the women had their own distinct style, their personalities reflected in their clothing. Take this lesson with you through life and remember to have fun with your clothes!

4) It’s okay to just want a bit of fun

We all want that one special someone to sweep us off our feet with love and passion. But sometimes what you really need is just a little bit of fun and  Samantha was the queen of fun. (wink, wink) She taught us that’s it’s okay to not want anything serious and to just enjoy the moment while it lasts.

5) Sex isn’t like the movies

Sex and the City brought us fashion, love and honest sex. The show really created a more realistic portrayal of sex than Hollywood’s known for. From problems with getting it up to unusual fetishes and those who are just terrible lays SATC showed viewers that not all sexual encounters are good, in fact most of the time they are below average.

6)Always love yourself first

Whether it’s in work, a friendship or a relationship it’s important to put yourself first. Yes of course we should look out for others and take care of those that we love but at the end of the day you are the most important person in your life. So make sure to love yourself before loving anyone else. In the immortal words of Ms. Samantha Jones ” I love you, but I love me more.”


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7)Celebrate your sexuality

SATC started a movement for female sexuality. The series empowered women by tackling the taboo topic of women’s sex lives. Each woman in the show explores their own sex life, maturing and learning about themselves as the years went on. Samantha was the real pioneer of female liberation. Bursting onto screens with confidence and vitality, Samantha never let others opinions stop her from pursuing her passion and neither should you.

8) It’s okay to forgive and forget

Life isn’t always black and white and the answer to your problems isn’t always to cut off those that hurt you and never talk to them again.  Remember Miranda and Steve? After the split in the depths of heart break, Miranda realized that she truly loved Steve and wanted to be with him no matter what. Sometimes people make mistakes and if you really love them, the best thing could be to forgive and forget.

9)There is a happily ever after

Although it may not be what you expected, you will always end up with exactly what you wanted. The SATC cast went through relationships, situation ships, and heartbreaks but they also all ended up happy in the end. Let’s all share the lovely Charlotte’s enthusiasm and remember that “There is always a happily ever after”.


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