What Can We Learn About The New Love Island Contestants From Their Instagram Accounts?

We dive deep.

So yesterday, the contestants for Love Island 2018 were revealed, and they’re of course a very attractive bunch.

But what else do they have going on? And are any of them good craic? We snooped through their Instagram accounts to find out.

Samira Mighty

As a West End performer, Samira has our dream job, as well as an excellent name. So she’s already very interesting, and possibly our favourite. From her Instagram, we can determine that she was in Dreamgirls (amazing) and has great taste in shoes.

Craic or no craic? Craic

it's lit ⚡️

A post shared by Samira Mighty (@samiramighty) on

Laura Anderson

At 29, Laura is one of the elder lemons on the island – she works as a flight attendant, which means her Instagram is littered with gorgeous shots of exotic locales. We love a well-travelled gal. She already has not one but TWO fan accounts that we can discern. Are we looking at a winner here?

Craic or no craic? Craic

So happy to be back #EK #BP A380 Static Tour ✈️❤️??

A post shared by Laura Anderson ? (@lauraanderson1x) on

Kendall Rae Knight 

Kendall is a 26-year-old Clark’s manager from Blackpool, and she already has 15k followers on Instagram. She likes an inspirational quote (who among us does not) and wearing wide-legged trousers. That’s all we’ve got on Kendall at the moment, unfortunately.

Craic or no craic? Unsure, but for now – no craic

Silky silkyyy?? #easter #bankhol

A post shared by Kendall Rae Knight (@kendallraeknight) on

Hayley Hughes 

Hayley’s a 21-year-old former beauty queen from Liverpool who has modelled for the likes of Pretty Little Thing, which is about the most Love Island job there can be. She had a ‘boo’ sometime last year who sent her huge, Kardashian-esque bouquets of red roses – will any of the Love Island lads be that romantic? Probably not.

Craic or no craic? Hmm… no craic

Dani Dyer

If you thought that name sounded familiar, it’s because she’s Danny Dyer’s daughter. Yes, Danny Dyer called his daughter Dani. She appears to be following in his footsteps somewhat – earlier this month, she posted that she was filming a horror movie. Happily, her dad has given her his ‘blessing’ to have sex on TV. Not a bit creepy!

Craic or no craic? MAJOR craic we’d say

Alex George

Love Island 2018 cast officially released….! #DrAlex #loveisland #doctor

A post shared by Dr Alex (@adlgeorge1) on

And now we move on to the lads! Alex is a DOCTOR. Not just that: he delivers BABIES. He’s also always on the go – snowboarding, going to black tie doctor events, fishing, looking at fancy cars, driving them… Have to say, we’re intrigued by him.

Craic or no craic? Moderate craic

Wes Nelson

This is going to be fun….?? @loveisland

A post shared by Wes Nelson ?? (@wes.nelson) on

Wes, meanwhile, is a ‘nuclear systems design engineer’. The lads are accomplished this year, no? He’s also very devoted to the gym, and has prepared for the island by cutting out alcohol, eating ‘6-8 clean meals a day’ and training six days a week. Jaysis.

Craic or no craic? With that training regime? No craic

Niall Aslam

Our Niall is a student and construction worker from Coventry – he’s also a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so much so that he has Hermione’s wand tattooed on his forearm. He also looks really good in eyeliner? We stan.

Craic or no craic? Craic

Adam Collard

Let the games begin .. @loveisland

A post shared by A D A M C O L L A R D (@adamcollard) on

We’ve got our first personal trainer! Most of Adam’s Instagram posts involve him lifting heavy things, which we guess is to prove that he is a good personal trainer. We believe you, Adam! Those things are very heavy!

Craic or no craic? No craic, soz Adam

Fighting against gravity . . Some cool shots from Friday’s shoot

A post shared by A D A M C O L L A R D (@adamcollard) on

Eyal Booker

Eyal is unsurprisingly a model, and appears to be based in Cape Town. Those curls are to die for, in fairness. We would estimate that he has his top off in 90% of his Instagram photos. He’s going to fit right in.

Craic or no craic? A bit of craic

Jack Fincham

6 days to go @loveisland

A post shared by Jack Fincham (@jack_charlesf) on

He is a ‘stationary sales manager’ which also sounds fantastic, TBH. He has extremely white teeth. His Instagram is very normal, filled with lads’ nights out and barbecues and pictures with his family. Will they destroy him on that island? Probably.

Craic or no craic? Craic

Last one from a really good Easter bank holiday ?

A post shared by Jack Fincham (@jack_charlesf) on

So, what have we learned about the Love Island contestants? Well, about two of them are exciting. But we’ll see what happens when it all kicks off on Monday…


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