Naughty Or Nice? Here’s What Your Christmas Jumper Choice Says About Your Personality

Whether it's understated, sparkly or light up, your choice of festive jumper can reveal a lot about who you are as a person.

1. The light up jumper


“Look everyone, it’s ME!” The sartorial equivalent of jazz hands, this one’s got extrovert written all over it in tiny flashing lights and more sequins than an episode of Strictly. You are either very brave, a bit of a joker or have terrible taste (Lol JK), but the jumper also hints at a degree of self confidence (or simply not caring what people think) which may come in handy under any mistletoe this year.

2. The animal

Admit it, you’re a little bit soppy aren’t you? You like to spend time with the family and you can be relied on to keep the kids entertained while everyone else nods off or goes to the pub. You’re a big softie at heart and people gravitate towards you for that very reason.

3. The movie quote


You want people to guess the film, and that reflects your personality too. You like to keep people guessing about you, and that can be a good thing but be careful not to keep others at arms length all the time or you’ll end up Home Alone when the party ends.

4. The slogan


Making a statement is totally your thing and you’re never short of something to say. You’re bit shouty and a little brash at times, but you’re always the life and soul of the party, and people love you for it.

5. The understatedSparkly-Jumper-Top

From a distance, it’s just a gold jumper, but if you look really closely, you can see the smallest bit of sparkle and a hint of a snowflake. You may be shy, but you’re still making an effort. Or you’re going for the ‘Don’t Care’ vibe. Either way, you’re never flashy, and your Christmas dress sense reflects that.

6. The multi-cultural


You’re politically correct and you love a good debate. In fact, you’re secretly hoping your very attire will spark a great discussion about the economy or the petrol price hikes. Either way, you’re a happy chappy being the most intelligent lass in the room.

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