Love Island’s Jess Harding Breaks Silence On Split From Sammy Root

There's trouble in paradise.

Image via Instagram, @jesshardingox

News broke this week that Love Island winners Sammy Root and Jess Harding have called it quits.

However, it seems as though their break up may be a little more complicated than a straightforward split.

Jess has just broken her silence on the matter…and it doesn’t seem like her and Sammy were seeing eye to eye.

A source had told Mail Online that the pair were over, just two months after making it out of the villa with a cash prize of £50,000.


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The source alleged that Sammy and Jess felt their “relationship changed since leaving the villa”, and that they are “better off as friends”.

Shortly after the report surfaced, Jess unpinned all of her photos with Sammy on her Instagram, and removed her highlights of him.

Fans assumed that the break-up had been an amicable and mutual decision, as Sammy had recently reposted a TikTok quote that read; “Men don’t get jealous over someone hitting their gf up. They get jealous of the girl giving the guy hitting her up the attention he wants,” while Jess flew out to Ibiza for a girls holiday.


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However, Sammy and Jess have both now spoken publicly about the breakup, and their respective comments are making things seem a little…messy.

In a Q&A on her Instagram stories, Jess acknowledged that her and Sammy were over.

One follower asked, “How are you doing since your split?” to which Jess replied, “It’s been over a week now since we split so I’m getting there.


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“We shared a once in a lifetime experience together so of course I’m sad.”

In another story, someone asked why they had separated.

To this Jess responded, “I really don’t want to go into detail by doing a big statement but we’re just very different and behave different and that’s it.”

The shady response has led fans to believe Sammy may have done something to lead to the break up.

A day prior to Jess’ comments, Sammy shared that he and Jess had had a “private conversation” about their relationship, but that things were still “left up in the air”.

He wrote in an Instagram story that because Jess is away, they haven’t had a chance to hash things out “face to face,” and that seeing news of their break-up in the media surprised him.

“For me to then see today via the media that we had officially broken up came as a total shock.”

Sammy went on to say that he thinks it would have been “respectful” to wait and see if their relationship “could be saved”, presumably alluding to a suspicion that Jess may have outed the break-up preemptively.

Sammy finally clarified that he was “committed” to their relationship, but things “don’t always work out the way you’d hoped”, stating that Jess is an “amazing” woman and wishing her the best.