What’s The Story With Fyre Festival 2?

This can't be real.

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We all remember the disaster that was Fyre Festival.

The music festival took place on an island in the Bahamas in 2017, and was endorsed on Instagram by celebs like Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber.

It was marketed as a luxury experience with premium villas, gourmet food and famous acts throughout, and tickets sold for hundreds of dollars. However, when guests arrived, they found basic tents, packaged sandwiches, no music, no running water and minimal access to toilets.

Many people’s luggage was lost and stolen, there was no internet or phone service, and matters were made worse when guests of the festival found themselves stranded on the Island, as flights were cancelled in and out by the Bahamian government.

Following the festival, founder Billy McFarland was charged $26 million for fraud and sentenced to six years in prison. Both Netflix and Hulu made documentaries which detailed the experience and the criminal behaviour of Billy and his counterparts.

Now, in a completely unexpected twist, an announcement has been released that says there is to be a second Fyre Festival – and the first batch of tickets are allegedly already sold out.

Wait, what?!

Despite the failure of the first event (and the fact that he was literally imprisoned for it) Billy McFarland took to Instagram to inform his followers that he would be doing the festival over, this time calling it Fyre Festival 2.


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He wrote on Instagram that he has “incredible support this time round”, sharing that he has already sold out his first round of tickets. Billy directs his followers to a website for the event, where they can join a waitlist to purchase the next batch of tickets.

Prices for a “Fyre Pass” range from $799 to $7,999, and you can also buy merchandise ranging from $40 to $200 for hats, tracksuit bottoms and hoodies.Buying a

The pass will apparently grant you access to a number of “Fyre Experiences”, which are described as including “Fyre Fights, Documentary and Film Screenings, Weekend Trips and More”…right then.


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All other details for the event are vague, with notes on the website explaining that the festival is “targeted” for the end of 2024, and set to take place in “The Caribbean”, though no specific location is mentioned.

According to NBC, in 2022 the Bahamas Tourism Industry expressed that they will “not endorse or approve any event” on the islands that is associated with Billy, so we can’t imagine he’ll find it easy to persuade places to host him this time.

There are no music acts announced yet, and also no details of any facilities…sounds promising!


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