‘When Will They Stop?’: Fans Are So Done With Zayn And Gigi’s ‘Annoying’ Relationship

She featured in his award acceptance video and fans aren't happy.

We all have that one annoying couple who clog up our social feeds with OTT PDAs and soppy selfies, and it seems that even celebrities aren’t immune to this questionable online behaviour.

Zayn Malik and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid were widely criticised yesterday after she featured in an acceptance video he filmed for his iHeartRadio Music award.

The couple, who started dating in November 2015, have been very open about their relationship often sharing smoochy snaps together on Snapchat and posting declarations of love, like the one Gigi recently shared calling Zayn the ‘Love Of My Life’, for example. Gigi even famously starred in Zayn’s debut solo music video Pillowtalk.

Their latest posting however has led many fans to blast them for being ‘too showy’ about their relationship. In the video, Zayn extends his thanks for the award before pulling Gigi in to say thanks as well.

Gigi’s appearance in the video has prompted commenters on Twitter to criticise their relationship.

Whaddya reckon? Are relationships just better left off social media or are Zayn and Gigi still the cutest celebrity couple going?


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