Which S1 Love Is Blind Couples Are Still Together?

Let's take a deep dive while we wait for season 2.


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It’s hard to believe that Love is Blind hit our screens TWO years ago. Yep and since then, we have been sorely deprived of the relationship drama. But not for much longer, as season 2 is right around the corner.

A new cast of singletons is stepping up for the three-week-long experiment. Which sees them confined to pods that don’t let them see each other for their ten days of speed dating. After which, couples with chemistry get engaged and can finally see each other face to face. Then they move in together and meet each other’s families before the grand finale of a wedding ceremony. Where they decide if they want to stay together and get married or call it quits.

While 30 new contestants is exciting, it got us wondering about last season’s couples and how they’ve faired without the cameras. The show was actually filmed far in advance, meaning season 1 contestants would actually be coming up on their 3rd anniversary.

But who is still together and most importantly is love really blind?

Lauren Speed And Cameron Hamilton: Loved Up


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Lauren and Cameron were a fan favourite we were all rooting for, and it turns out their feelings weren’t just for the camera. Three years on and the pair are still happily married and share snippets of their life together on their YouTube channel Hanging With The Hamiltons.

Their lives changed a lot after the show, and Lauren is now focusing on her career as a content creator, but it turns out Cameron is still working on his pre-show passion and is a successful AI scientist.

Amber Pike And Matt Barnett: Loved Up


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That’s two points for Love is Blind! Amber and Matt had a…rocky relationship, to say the least. He wasn’t the most committed guy on the show and actually stopped answering Amber’s calls on the morning of the wedding. But the pair tied the knot and have been together ever since.

The pair seems happier than ever and are always sharing cute couple pics on their socials.

Giannina Gibelli And Damian Powers: Broken Up

*sigh* That’s one point for the cynics, then. In fairness, Giannina and Damien weren’t exactly the happiest couple on the show, and they were honest about that. They never went through with the wedding, which resulted in a real-life runaway bride situation complete with frenzied guests and a muddy dress. Julia Roberts, eat your heart out!

While they left the show broken up, the pair actually reunited without the cameras and got back together. They were on and off for a while before breaking up for good.

Kelly Chase And Kenny Barnes: Broken Up


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With names that similar they didn’t stand a chance! Kelly and Kenny didn’t make it down the aisle on the show, and unlike Gia and Damien, they never reunited. The relationship was a pretty rough one, and Kelly herself admitted she was still hung up on her ex. Not great conditions for a marriage!

Kenny is now engaged, while Kelly has been focusing on her social media presence and working on her own podcast.

Jessica Batten And Mark Cuevas: Broken Up


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Jessica and Mark had one of the most explosive weddings on the show, which is saying something! After Mark said, “I do,” Jessica revealed she didn’t want to go through with the marriage resulting in a very awkward scene.

Both are doing well, albeit separately. Mark is engaged and recently became a dad to baby Ace, and the pair are currently expecting their second bubba.

Meanwhile, Jessica has a new boyfriend and revealed her biggest regret about the show had nothing to do with Mark and instead was about her revealing that she likes to share a glass of wine with her dog while on the show.

So that two out of five! Not a great overall figure, but we’re still convinced we could find love on a reality tv show.

Words by Sláine McKenna 


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