Why Is The TikTok Ageing Filter Making People Emotional?

Something is happening when people see their older selves...

Image via Pexels

We all love a good filter on TikTok, whether it’s a beautifying one that makes you feel like a Hollywood star, or a morphing one that gives you and your friends a giggle.

What we tend to enjoy a little less are the ones that make us look worse, i.e the ageing filters.

TikTok’s most recent ageing filter shows you a realistic version of yourself in the future, and where users would usually be making videos showing off how much they hate it; people are finding it all very moving.

@sarahpalmyra aging is a privilege not everyone gets to have #agefilter #aging #skincare #grwm #selflove ♬ The Bug Collector – Haley Heynderickx

@museerar i didnt know filters could make someone so emotional #agingfilter #grandma #wedding #shaadi #pakistani #greenscreen ♬ The Bug Collector – Haley Heynderickx

In a number of videos, users found themselves overcome with emotion at seeing themselves in the future. A trend began where people said that though they initially didn’t like the filter on them, they were embracing it because it made them look like their mothers, or other older relatives.

Over the last few days, the filter has become a way for celebrating ageing as a privilege. How beautiful is that?!

@daliaelichavez Replying to @laurenseriouslyy no because this filter should have a warning label😭😭😭😭💔 #fyp #relationship #filter ♬ The Bug Collector – Haley Heynderickx

Some TikTokers looked to see how they’d age with their partner, showing excitement at growing old together. Others took it a further step and showed their parents the filter, and that turned out to be an emotional affair too. Ahh, we’re getting misty eyed!

@josegaffet02Este video no tiene desperdicio. Soy igual a mi viejo. Perdon las toallas de la puerta♬ sonido original – josegaffet

We love that a funny filter has turned into something so sweet, and a reminder that there’s nothing wrong with the ageing process.

In fact, we think we’ll still be smoking hot in our eighties.