Why Should Kourtney Have To Worry About Scott’s Feelings On Her Pregnancy?

It's all anyone is talking about!



By now we are all well aware that a Kravis baby is on the way – well unless you’ve been living under a rock that is. While many have congratulated the pair on their wonderful news, we can’t help but notice the few mentioning Scott’s feelings about his exes’ baby news, including Kourtney’s own family.

Really, as a woman in a new healthy relationship, expecting a beautiful baby boy, why should she have to worry about how Scott feels. Kourtney and Travis who love a PDA filled moment, announced they were pregnant last week when Kourtney created a ‘Travis, I’m Pregnant’ sign and held it up during his Blink-182 concert in LA – a scene reminiscent of the band’s iconic All The Small Things music video.

The couple have been exceedingly open surrounding their struggles with fertility and IVF. They took us on their own personal journey to pregnancy during this past season of The Kardashians. So finally you would think having a bit of good news to share should have been nothing but celebrations for the pair.


But instead of the world celebrating such wonderful news, many were wondering how Scott Dissick, Kourtney’s ex who she shares two children with, is feeling about the situation. There’s been an abundance of headlines reading: “Scott Dissick ‘Gutted’ Over Kravis Baby.” A source even told Entertainment Tonight that he “is being as supportive as possible while also trying to take care of himself. It stings a little and he will always have love for Kourtney, but at the same time he is happy and excited for her”.

But why in the midst of all these life changing moments should Kourtney have to be thinking about how her ex feels? He’s an ex for a reason. There’s obviously going to be some sensitivity due to them co-parenting their two kids, but the way the world is villainising Kourtney for wanting to be happy with someone she has dubbed her ‘soulmate’ is just plain wrong. At the end of the day if Scott wasn’t so close with the Kardashian clan he would be exactly like any other ex.

Kourtney and Scott

To make matters worse, it isn’t the first time that Kourtney’s life and feelings have taken a back seat to Scott’s. The ex couple split up back in 2015, yet Scott is regularly seen both on and off screen sharing his opinion on Kourtney’s life decisions. He had a few choice words to say to Khloe Kardashian following Travis’ proposal back in 2021.

But that wasn’t all, Kourtney’s own sisters even had the audacity to jump in and make her feel like she should put her life on hold just to appease her ex. We don’t see Kendall doing that for Harry or Kim doing that for Kanye, so why when Kourtney has found her person should she have to dull her happiness to make someone else feel better.

During an episode of The Kardashian’s, following the Kravis engagement, Kourtney was congratulated by her sisters. But congratulations quickly turned to a ‘How does Scott feel?’ discussion. Kendall Jenner jumped straight in asking her sister directly: “Do you have sympathy for Scott? Do you have sympathy for the position that he’s in at all? Because it doesn’t feel like you do, just as an outsider.”


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Later on in the episode Kourtney addressed her ex during a confessional, revealing she was sensitive to her ex’s feelings but her job is to communicate with him regarding their kids – after that it shouldn’t be about Scott. “I just got engaged, and I want to be happy and in the moment. I just don’t think that this moment is about Scott”.

And she is so right! She’s had a group of massive life changing events occur in the last few years that they should be enjoying to the fullest, and the last thing she should be worried about is her ex’s feelings, but alas here we are.


The early days in the pair’s relationship were known for being extremely toxic as a result of Scott’s alcohol and drug addictions. However Kourtney’s new life with her ‘soulmate’ is finally showing us that women can get their happily ever after without expelling their own happiness.

The fact we as people expect Kourtney to downplay her happiness and all her exciting life moments to make an ex, who at the end of the day has nothing to do with the relationship, happy – it’s just unacceptable. We would hate it if anyone told us we needed to think of someone else’s feelings above our own, so why can’t we show Kourtney the same respect?