Wine Condoms Are The Pre-Drinking Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

Anyone for a glass?

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You know the drill. It’s Friday night, the girls are round and you’re half way through your bottle of red when – oh! – suddenly the taxi’s here and you have to rush out the door leaving your bottle of wine lying there opened to go ‘off’.

A total ‘mare, right?

Well never fear fellow wine drinkers because some clever folks have invented Wine Condoms and it means your half-guzzled bottle of vino will never go to waste again.

Basically you use a wine condom in lieu of a stopper and they’re super easy to work. Just roll the rubber product down over the top of the bottle – yes, like you would with a real condom – and that’s it, you can pop the bottle in the fridge and enjoy it at a later date.

There’s even a tutorial just in case you get stuck.

Super smart, huh? We like it so much in fact that we’re adding it to the top of our Christmas list, along with the Guzzle Buddy glass, that attaches to the top of the bottle, too, of course.

Guzzle Buddy

Now, who’s for a bottle of red?

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