Woman Shares Amazing Hack To Make A Boxy Dress Fit Better Without Sewing It

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Listen, we’ve all bought something that didn’t quite fit. Maybe it was an accident, or maybe you just fell in love with a piece and, in the moment, didn’t care. Keywords; in the moment, after you’ve actually bought it, it’s probably less appealing and ends up retired to the back of the wardrobe.

But turns out there is a simple solution to tighten a boxy dress, and no, it doesn’t require you to be a master seamstress.

Our favourite fashionista, TikToker Madeleine White, shared the perfect hack for making your baggier dress more fitted. All you’ll need are two safety pins and two ribbons.


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First, start by finding where your waist would be on the dress. This is where you’ll be tightening the dress. Then take the ribbon and place it directly on the side seam where you want the dress pulled in. Pinch the ribbon in place using your fingers.

Keeping the ribbon on the outside, flip the dress inside out to see where you are pinching on the inside seam. Then simply clip the safety pin where your fingers are pinching. Repeat this on the other side, so there is a ribbon pinned on the left and right.

Finally, all you have to do is tie the ribbon together in the back, as tight as you’d like and… voila!

As Maddie puts it, “Your dress fits, it’s not going anywhere, it looks cute in the back, and you didn’t even have to sew anything!” Best of all, she also shared how to tighten jeans that don’t fit well at the waist, and once again without needing to sew!


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Surprisingly, tightening jeans is even easier than tightening a dress. All you’ll need is some scissors, elastic ribbon, and a safety pin.

Starting at the inside back band of the jeans, cut two holes, one on the left and one on the right. Just on the inside of the band, no need to cut all the way through. Then take your ribbon, which should be shorter than the length between the two slits, tie a knot at one end, and clip the pin at the other.

Then thread it through the holes you’ve cut so the knot is on one side and the pin is on the other. After that, you can either pin both sides of the ribbon down or tie knots that are big enough to not slip through the hole.

Maddie then adds, “there you have it. Your waistband fits tighter, it’s not going anywhere, it looks fine from the back and it took two seconds.”


Words by Slaine McKenna

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