Women Are Laughing At Sports Illustrated Saying ‘Hip Cleavage’ Is A Hot Summer Trend

Is it now?!

Sports Illustrated is facing backlash after using the term “hip cleavage” to describe model Ashley Graham’s curvy hips.

In an article for their site named ‘Hip Cleavage Is Summer’s Hottest Trend’, SI featured pictures of the model on the beach in high rise bikinis showing off her curves.

But the response on Twitter has been mostly negative, with many giving SI grief for calling their body type a ‘trend’.

The tone of the article has got a lot of people talking, especially as it refers to different women’s body parts coming in and out of fashion:

The article also spoke about the trend of swimwear is being used to accentuate celebrity “hip cleavage”.

And while actual cleavage is still in — don’t stress — we have to say we’ve been obsessed with this look for some time now. Our resident curvalicious babe, Ashley, knows that the higher the cut, the stronger the hip cleavage. As high-waisted swimwear continues to rock the market this summer, Page Six recently coined the clever term, pointing out how everyone from Kim Kardashian to Ashley Graham have opted for suits that accentuate their bare hipbones.

It didn’t take long however for Ashley to clapback at the negative responses in the comment section of SI’s post about the article. 

“I feel quite accepted, thanks,” Ashley wrote. “Don’t need you or social media to ‘feel’ accepted. I love myself and that’s all that matters. Hope that you daughters, wife, mom, aunt, friends all feel accepted on their own bc we know you won’t be.”

She also took to Twitter to share her thoughts on people commenting on her body.


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