Would You? Somebody Found Coach Carr From Mean Girls’ Tinder Account

And we couldn't help have a nosey.

“Don’t have sex or you will get pregnant and die.”

Fans of Mean Girls will recognise this as the questionable sex advice of Mean Girls’ Coach Carr.

If you recall, he’s the creepy sports teacher who we later discover is sleeping with two of his students, so, um, yeah, he’s not exactly a great role model.

Now, we’ve found out that real life Coach Carr, AKA Emmy Award nominated actor Dwayne Hall, isn’t exactly heeding his defeatist advice from the film, (Er, and why would he really?) as somebody’s found his account on Tinder.

Dwayne describes himself as a 6ft 5 actor and adds “If you’re a good cuddler, I might let you join my gang.”

Coach Car Tinder

Coach Carr Tinder 1

Is it just us or are you feeling a little bit creeped out? Of course, we know that Dwayne is an actor, and Coach Carr is fictional, but still we’re finding it hard to separate the two.

Whatever your feelings though, Dwayne is certainly looking a lot different from his Mean Girls days and is seen rocking a beard and a man bun in his Tinder pics.

Of course, Dwayne isn’t the only celeb on Tinder. There are loads of other famous that use the app too. Leonardo Di Caprio, Lily Allen and Graham Norton are all rumoured to have had profiles at one point or another.

The only question really is: who would you swipe right for?