WTF? Lauren Goodger Has Trolled Everyone Into Thinking She’s Pregnant

The truth was revealed on Twitter.

Lauren Goodger has fooled everyone into thinking she’s pregnant after posting some curious tweets.

The TOWIE star tweeted, “Ok can’t hide my baby bump no more”, but then quickly deleted it.

Fans quickly started to speculate who the father might be, as her fiancé, Joey Morrison, is currently doing time in prison.

This came after New magazine reported that she’d been overheard discussing the pregnancy with a friend. A source told them, “As she was approaching the prison entrance, I heard her telling a pal she’s pregnant.”

The 30-year-old added fuel to the fire when she appeared out and about covered in a white sheet. Fans automatically assumed she was concealing a growing tummy underneath.

However, it all appears to have been a massive joke, as Lauren took to Twitter to explain.

“It was a joke!” she said, adding, “I am not pregnant!” She claims she hid from Paparazzi because she didn’t want them to make her look bad, not because she was hiding a bump.

So there we have it. We’ve all been trolled and Lauren’s having the last laugh.

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