X Factor Star Claims A Producer’s Sexual Advances Damaged Her Career

"He asked if I wanted some alone time with him"

ITV Loose Women

X Factor star Stacey Solomon has said her music career was negatively affected after she refused to sleep with an unnamed producer.

Speaking on Loose Women today, the singer/presenter said the producer asked her for “some alone time to get to know each other better”, an offer which she declined.

The 28-year-old told Loose Women: “I remember going out to a different country to work on a record and hopefully distribute it in that country. I met somebody who was really big – a music producer – who could help me distribute it and get on board and make a huge difference. That person asked if I wanted some alone time at dinner to get to know each other better.”

The presenter said that at first she thought the producer was joking, but then she realised that, “it was a real invitation of ‘if you come with me I can help you.'”

Stacey and the Loose Women panel then continued a discussion about women who use sexual advances to get further in business. Panellist Janet Street-Porter had some strong opinions on these types of women, saying “You say you’re not judging, but I judge them, I hate them. There could be two people qualified for the job and one gets the job because they put out.”

In response to this, Stacey said that “Those people in power shouldn’t be putting anyone in that position, so whether you say yes or no isn’t the issue, it’s them going out there and saying, “Here’s my position of power, I can help you if you do this’, and that’s where the fault lies.”

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