X Factor Star Janet Devlin Speaks Out On Northern Ireland Equality Laws As She Comes Out As Bisexual

She says she has received some backlash

Janet Devlin stole our hearts as the bonny red-haired Irish girl on The X Factor back in 2011.

The flame haired beauty didn’t win the ITV show, but went on to enjoy a successful career in music and is still gigging around the UK and Ireland.

Just today, the 23-year-old posted a video to her YouTube channel titled ‘I Am Bisexual’, and in it she addressed rumours surrounding her sexuality.

Speaking on her own feelings, the Northern Ireland woman explained why it had taken her so long to be open and honest with herself and her fans.

“It’s been something that I have not accepted about myself,” she began.

“There are numerous reasons for that. One of them being that gay marriage is not legal where I come from.

“Where I’m from specifically is stillΒ  not that accepting of it. Some of my friends have told me horrible stories of either them or friends of theirs their parents have literally said to them that they would rather them be in the grave then be not straight.”

Janet continued on to touch on the fact that despite Ireland voting in Marriage Equality back in 2015, Northern Ireland still has laws against same sex marriage.

“It comes as a shock to a lot of people when I say this, they’re obviously like ‘gay marriage is legal where you come from, you’re from Ireland’ – Not in Northern Ireland.

“The fact is you can’t get married if you’re gay…. everywhere expect Norther Ireland. We haven’t really moved that far forward if I’m honest. A lot of people are still living in the dark ages.”


Northern Ireland has come under pressure to reform their marriage equality laws, as well as their abortion laws since the Republic’s two monumentous referendums in recent years.

We applaud Janet for her bravery and honesty!


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