YAY! This Instagram Update Is The One We’ve All Been Waiting For!

The app's amazing new update is about to make our lives way more easy.

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We throw our hands up: we’ve got an Instagram addiction and if you follow us (@stellarmagazine, bbz) you’ll know that there literally isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t post a snap, or, er, five, of the deadly things that drop desk-side, the latest fashion releases or a LOL-worthy meme or two.

But there’s one thing that gets our goat, and that’s logging out of our personal IG before we can get access to our other Instas.

Well, good news for gals who have more than one Instagram account. Whether you’ve got a personal IG and a separate one for your blog, or an account for each of your interests, from this week on you’ll be able to access all your accounts, without having to log out and enter your login deets. Yesssss!

All you need to do if you want access to multiple accounts, is click on to your account settings and tap your username to switch between accounts. Easy.

Now excuse us, we just need to insta our morning latte.


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