Yikes! A New Survey Says 78% Of Women Want To Have Sex With Their Boss

Thought about getting jiggy with someone from the job? Computer says a very firm no!

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We don’t know about you, but we’ve never made a point of falling for the boss. It’s, y’know, not such a hot idea really, is it? So we were quite surprised by a figure from gleeden.com which stated that 78% of married women fantasise about getting intimate with their big boss, until we copped that the site is specifically for those wanting to engage in extra-marital affairs. Er, okay then.

And it doesn’t end there: second on the list of forbidden fruits is the intern, and should you manage to get jiggy with either, it won’t be the corner office you’ll be doing it in. Nope, the most popular place for a 9-to-5 ride is the meeting room, which 42% of people prefer, followed by the photocopy room for 39%. The car park is the place to be for 12% (who are these savages?) and then it’s all about the jacks. Yuck!

But, y’know, location, location, location aside, think the boss/intern dynamic sounds like a odd mix? It’s all about power, explains the site’s resident sexpert Maïa Mazaurette. “[Women] would have a crush either for their boss or their intern, either at the top of the hierarchy or at the bottom,” she says.

“These results may seem contradictory but they perfectly consistent,” she adds. “Putting aside the obvious power relationships topic, we all know that desire is aroused by distance between two individuals. By having your heart set on a unapprochable person at work, the excitement is stronger.” Rightio.

One last thing: we wonder how the poor auld intern feels about it…