Yikes! Orlando Bloom Could Be Facing A Fine For Those Naked Paddle Boarding Pics

Maybe he took the phrase 'sun's out buns out' just a little too literally.

Orlando Bloom

Oh dear. While the internet certainly seemed to enjoy Orlando Bloom’s naked escapades in the Mediterranean sea yesterday, it seems that local authorities in Sardinia weren’t so keen and the Lord Of The Rings actor could be hit with a hefty €1200 fine.

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Orlando was just off the Sardinian coastline when paparazzi snapped him paddle boarding IN THE NIP, and not surprisingly, the pics quickly went viral.

Now that have local authorities have been alerted though, it seems he may be guilty of accidentally breaking the law.

See, if Orlando had been letting it all hang out on a nudist beach, then there’d be no problem with him chilling out in his birthday suit.

Unfortunately, it seems that Orlando was actually naked on a public beach and as it stands pubic nudity is illegal in Sardinia, meaning that he could face a maximum penalty of €1200.

Fine or no fine, we’re pretty sure Orlando has the cash to foot the bill.


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