Yikes! This Woman’s Period Lasted Five Years Straight

Let us say that again. FIVE. YEARS.

Woman on her period

If you ask us, having your period for five days is long enough, but imagine how 27-year-old Chloe Christos felt when she had hers for a full five years.

Chloe, who has a bleeding disorder called Willebrand disease which stops her blood from clotting properly, explained to the Daily Mail that she’d lose approximately half a litre of blood every four days, leaving her seriously ill.

“I couldn’t do anything…” she says. “I was fainting a lot, I had dangerously low blood pressure, and it wasn’t really a good idea for me to drive or go out. Day to day my life was literally being cared for by my mother.”

“I really love being physically active, and that is what was most frustrating for me.”

Chloe, who ‘fesses that she was initially too embarrassed to talk about the issue, was put on synthetic medication that would stop the bleeding for 12 hours.

But it didn’t work: once the meds began to wear off, she would again get her period.

Thankfully, after experiencing a five-year long period, Chloe eventually found help with a haemophilia centre putting her on blood clotting pills that finally put a stop to the bleeding.

These days Chloe has a regular period that lasts between four and five days and only has to deal with the usual period symptoms.

We’ll bet after having her period for five years, putting up with a few cramps and a little extra bloating for five days seems like a walk in the park.


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