You Can Now Buy A Domino’s Garlic And Herb Dip In A Bottle

2020 has been saved

It’s official, 2020 has been salvaged. We kept our local take-aways afloat during the height of the pandemic, and now, they are paying us back twofold.

The Domino’s dip gods have spoken and blessed us with their iconic Garlic and Herb dip as we’ve never seen it before.

That’s right, their quintessential dip is now available in bottle form, meaning we no longer need to stockpile big dips incase the pizza hungers take over.

The bottles are designed just like your average ketchup bottle, with a nozzle crafted to evenly dispense a layer of sauce onto your pizza, wedges, or whatever you want, really.

So, how can you get your hands on one I hear you cry? Well, unfortunately those receiving the bottles will be chosen at random.

Meaning that if you order a a big Garlic and Herb dip as part of your order this weekend, you may be one of the lucky sods who receives a bottle of the good stuff instead.

Dominos Ireland is giving away 195 bottles at random nationwide. But, they have advised to keep an eye on their Instagram @Dominos_ROI for updates on how you can get your own if you weren’t one of the lucky 195.

It’s like a lucky dip, only a million times better.

Now, there’s only one thing left to settle, are you a dunker or a drizzler?


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