You Can Now Buy A Paul Mescal Prayer Candle Just FYI


Do you know what has been really missing from our lives all these years? A Paul Mescal prayer candle.

Luckily for us, that Paul Mescal prayer candle-shaped hole in our hearts has finally been filled (praise be). Yes, for the price of just €17 we can own our very own Connell candle.

It’s no secret that since the release of Normal People Paul has gone on to become a huge hit with the ladies and gents, with his aloof attitude and tiny GAA shorts, people simply cannot get enough of the Mescal, and now that has been solidified in wax form.

Similar to the kind of candle you would have received at your Confirmation, the candle shows a serious-looking Paul holding a baby lamb (why? we don’t ask questions) and looking very sultry yet holy indeed.

The whole occasion looks very angelic altogether, and what’s even better is we’ve discovered that aside from Paul’s, you can also buy a Harry Styles, Louis Theroux, and pretty much anyone you want on a candle too. Proving that quite frankly, there is a God.

Well, that’s all of 2020’s birthday presents sorted then.



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