You Can Now Buy An Umbrella Lead For Your Dog

Tell me you live in Ireland, without telling me you live in Ireland

It’s safe to say that this has been the worst May we’ve seen in a long time, weather-wise. With it bucketing down 24/7, it’s not just our outdoor socialising that’s suffering, but our poor little doggies too.

With most furry friends not the biggest fans of the rain, plus not to mention the absolute mess you’re left cleaning up when they get home from their walk soaking wet, an ingenious contraption has been invented to help the above dilemma.

You can now buy an umbrella lead for your dog. Specifically designed for smaller dogs, the description reads:

“Pet Umbrella is a new item which can protect pets from grit, wind, snow, and rain, specifically designed for small dogs.”

“It is fashionable, stylish, concise and easy to handle. With this pet umbrella, pets don’t have to wear a raincoat on rainy days. With this, she looks lovely, pretty, and elegant.”

For €33.95, the brolly is see-through so you can always know what they’re getting up to under there, there’s a little hook to story poo bags, and both the handle and lead are adjustable, making it work specifically for you and your dog.

While your dog may be wary of the umbrella over them at first, the manufacturers have assured that after a few walks your little one should be right as rain with it.


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