You Can Now Buy Hats For Your Cat Because They’re A Pretty Princess

Next level adorable.

If there’s one thing we’re major fond of, it’s pet accessories. When your pet is like your baby, playing dress up with them is only what I can imagine it’s like to see your child on their communion day. You’re so proud of how adorable they look, you could burst.

Yes, I’m being dramatic and I’m absolutely sure seeing your child on their communion day is a lot more special than seeing your kitty in a little hat from Urban Outfitters, but I was just trying to get across the deep levels of love one can feel for their pet for the non-pet owners on here.

Anyways, for those with a cat or for those who have a friend that’s obsessed with their cat, may I please introduce you to the cutest and sweetest little selection of cat hats you will really ever see.

Puuurfect for a kitty who enjoys being played with, these cat hats are sure to be summer’s hottest accessory.

Described as a cap “that fits right on their noggin”, we can imagine these hats will fit the heads of most kitty cats and now, the question is, which one do we purchase? The cute floral bean head one pictured above (shop it here), or this sweet little alien one, as seen below (shop it here).

As always, never attempt to put anything on your animal if they hesitate or show discomfort. As fun and all as it is to see them looking cute as a button, their happiness should be main priority.

And lastly, if you’ve got a really playful cat, why not spoil them with this remote control mouse from Hexbug.

Not only will it keep you entertained, it will drive them mad as they try to chase the mouse around the house, Tom and Jerry, who?


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