You Can Now Filter Your Bumble Matches By Star Sign

Because life's too short to date an Aries.

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Picture the scene: you’re on a first date, everything’s going really well. He’s intelligent, funny, sexy af, you ask about his birthday and then just like that your future together is over – he’s an Aries.

I personally don’t have anything against Aries, but if you’re into astrology at all you’ll know that they’re said to be a bad match for a Virgo gal like me.

The point of online dating is pretty much that you get to choose the type of person to go out with based on who you think is the best match for you. Now, dating app Bumble has made finding your ideal date even more specific by introducing a feature that allows users to filter by star sign.

The feature comes as an addition to an update that came in late 2018 which allowed users to list their sign on their profile. Now, like with gender and age, you can filter the people who pop up on your feed by their sign.  It looks like this.

It only works with people who have chosen to publicly list their signs, but that just means you’re narrowing it down to the people who’re also looking for their perfect match via star sign. No time wasters here!

Happy swiping!


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