You Can Still Have A ‘Netflix Party’ With Your Friends While Social Distancing

This. Is. Ideal.

Where possible, we’re all doing the right thing and staying indoors. Although for some, the cabin fever is settling in and, well, making itself at home. We can’t do the normal things we were once kind of taking for granted. Like leisurely strolling around Tesco, enjoying a boozy brunch or visiting family and friends for a catch-up.

Although, Netflix has saved us from solo binging the latest series. There’s only so much solo binging you can do, right? Well, with Netflix Party, we can still join our friends to watch our fave shows, while staying safe indoors.

The ‘Netflix Party’ Google extension will sync each person’s screen, so you and your friends are watching the same show or movie together in entirely different locations. There’s even a chat box, so you can all have your say on what’s going on, and whether the show is a yay or a nay. Ideal, really.

All you have to do to get the Netflix Party started is search for the extension in Google Chrome, add it to your browser, open up your Netflix account and click the Netflix Party icon in the top right corner of your screen. You’ll then get a link that you can send to your friends, so you can all start watching that sweet, sweet content together.

Anyone else slightly raging that Love Is Blind isn’t only coming into our lives now? No?


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