You Need To Watch A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding Right Now

Get the popcorn ready, ladies


Oh, Netflix. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. We love you for the new crime docos you foist upon us at frequent intervals, ones that kiiiiinda make us want to sleep with a crow bar under our pillows “just in case” but also make us think and question and share slightly mad conspiracy theories on Twitter. We love you for gently reminding us to get off our arses and drink a glass of water when you ask if we’re still watching The Office after six-and-a-half hours of straight viewing (Answer: We are. We always are). But most of all, we love you for giving us the ultimate Christmas pressie; so-bad-they’re-good festive films.

This year we’ve already been treated to the The Holiday Calendar, the tale of a struggling photographer who is gifted a psychic Advent calendar (yes, really), and The Princess Switch, in which a humble baker played by Vanessa Hudgens pulls a total Lizzie McGuire and switches placed with a soon-to-be-wed duchess. And, on Friday night, the most wonderful gift of all was bestowed upon us by the benevolent Netflix overlords: the sequel to last year’s gloriously cheesy A Christmas Prince.


Can’t remember the plot intricacies of A Christmas Prince? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In short, A Christmas Prince is about American journalist Amber Moore who visits the fictional (we checked), European nation of Aldovia to snag the inside scoop on the devilishly handsome Prince Richard. Things quickly go awry, as they always seem to do in these films, when Amber is mistaken for the tutor hired to teach Richard’s younger sister, something that’s happened to us at Stellar HQ countless times. After a pony ride through the snow and angry accusals of lies and deception, the film eventually ends well when (spoiler alert) Amber and Richard fall crown-over-heels in love with each other and he asks for her hand in marriage. Aw!


So, what’s in store for the sequel? Well, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding is all about a, you guessed it, royal wedding! According to Netflix, “A year after helping Richard secure the crown, Amber returns to Aldovia to plan their wedding. But her simple tastes clash with royal protocol”. Uh oh. We can also reveal it includes a ‘trying-on-multiple-dresses’ montage, plenty of drama over Amber’s blog, and a covert investigation into Aldovia’s current economic crisis. You know, all the classic holiday romance stuff.

As our gift to you, here’s the trailer. Watch it on your lunch break, nip to the shops for popcorn and Maltesers, and hunker down tonight for an hour and a half of completely shameless cinematic consumption.

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