You’d Hardly Reognise JoJo Siwa After This Dramatic Makeover

She waved goodbye to the oversized bows and sparkles

Although seeing her bopping around the place makes us feel ancient, it’s undeniable the cultural pull dancer/singer JoJo Siwa has on social media.

With her roots tied to the pop culture phenomenon that is Dance Moms, JoJo has gone on to enjoy a bountiful career in the spotlight, with her signature blonde ponytail, oversized hair bows, and sparkly ensembles synonymous with her brand.

But, for one night only, JoJo has swapped all of the above for a much more glam look – courtesy of James Charles.

Uploading the makeover on his YouTube channel, James gave JoJo a polar opposite look, with a contoured base, a blended smokey eye, and nude lips.

Seeing the pictures, Twitter users refused to believe that it was actually JoJo, because you know, she looks SO different.

Aside from James giving JoJo a makeover, they also reversed the roles, with JoJo giving James a sparkly makeover too, and tbh the look kind of suits him.


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Speaking about JoJo’s choice of dress, JoJo said during her makeover that while many people assume that she’s acting in a character, she actually is not.

“So many people think it’s a character, and the reason why it works for me and why my life is the way that it is, is because it’s not a character,” JoJo said.

“At the end of the day it really is me in charge,” she continued.

While it’s fun to see JoJo made up in a way that is completely different from how she normally looks, it’s still important to remember that JoJo is 17-years-old, and how she chooses to present herself as a teenager, and beyond, is her choice.

You can check out the full makeover video below.