Your August Horoscope: Here’s What The Stars Have In Store For The Month Ahead

Sarah White looks to the stars.


23 July – 22 Aug
Make like your celestial namesake and roar. Not only can you play the birthday card, but the house which rules over the ambitious and confident parts of you is lit this month. Take advantage, aim high, have fun.


23 Aug – 22 Sept
Eeeeekk! Mercury retrograde comes into town 12th August, so those anxiety cramps aren’t yesterday’s leftovers. Tread carefully the next few weeks. That means no petty comments in work and being early to every appointment.


23 Sept – 22 Oct
Did a fireball of stress just arrive on your doorstep or in your inbox? With work, all you can do is clear your plate with laser eye focus. If it’s a friend or family member causing drama, don’t give them an inch.


23 Oct – 21 Nov
You’ve spent the last few months putting a lot of pressure on yourself, be it weight loss or gunning for a promotion. This mental juggling has taken its toll, so make sure you take a break this month. Get whatever rays you can and read a book again.


22 Nov – 21 Dec
You need a Retrograde season like an Irish festival needs a monsoon. Stave off the bad vibes with a diary packed with treat yo’self events. A cycling holiday might suit, or maybe you’d rather line up brunches with everyone every weekend? Do what brings you sunshine.


22 Dec – 20 Jan
You’re feeling a little bit attacked at the moment by one of your former champions. Don’t take it, but do ask them are they okay? You’d be surprised at the defence mechanisms people mount. You’re not a bad person.


21 Jan – 18 Feb
Finally, a project you’ve been labouring over is coming to fruition. Make sure your ducks are in a row and prep yourself for the adrenalin cliff fall. You’ve put a lot of yourself out there, it’s okay to want to take some back.


19 Feb – 20 Mar
Being picky is ideal when you’re choosing a wedding dress, AKA something you will see yourself in photos for eternity. But in everything else, it’s quite limiting. Give people a chance, and take those bias blinkers off.


21 Mar – 20 Apr
Keep those peepers on high alert come the end of the month. Professional opportunities can often come about in the most innocous of places and soemtimes from the people you last expected. Chats at a festival or outdoor party might yield results.


21 Apr – 21 May
Be wary of too much change. A couples or girls holiday can be great, but if your gut is telling you to take a step back, go build a duvet fort. You do what you want to do, and keep your mind focused on taking care of itself.


22 May – 21 June
Regrets are toxic. You may be beating yourself up over a major life fuck up, but what’s done is done. The most important move is your immediate next one. Apologise to someone in real life if you need to.


22 June – 22 July
Babe, your ambition is infectious. And that’s great. Want to throw an amazing shindig? Buy the streamers you’ve been Etsy stalking! Thinking of climbing the career ladder? Write a Pulitzer winning CV and send it out there!

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