Your November Horoscope: Here’s What’s In Store For The Month Ahead

Sarah White looks to the stars.

Girl holding takeaway coffee

22 Nov – 21 Dec

You might be a bit surprised at how things are working out for you. With this new sense of security, take a few risks knowing you’re mostly grand. Ask the cute colleague out for a drink!

22 Dec – 20 Jan

If you’ve got a quibble about your health, get it checked. Procrastination and anxiety go hand in hand, but you need to tackle them with a self-care gusto.

21 Jan – 18 Feb

Someone close to you needs you. Yes, this might be a drag during a time when your chart is a busy b****, but your kindness will go incredibly far. Keep alert.

19 Feb – 20 Mar

Are you dwelling on the past? If an ex, platonic or otherwise, and their memories keep haunting, maybe see if a reconciliation is on the cards. It might be what the heart wants.

21 Mar – 20 apr

Embrace the cosy season, brew the hot cider, lace it with cinnamon, make Netflix your Mastermind subject. Invite more than pals over. You need the scene on your terms for a while.

21 Apr – 21 May

The One is something you tend to view with cynicism, but maybe you should raise standards when it comes to your dining and wining and bedding partner. Assess the situation.

22 May – 21 June

Alignments have got you all confident, so screw it, apply for the job you’re only 60 per cent qualified for. Men do it all the time! Wanderlust instead? Book that trip to the tropics.

22 June – 22 July

Workplace politics is truly the pettiest kind so don’t get caught up if you suspect shenanigans are going to go beyond people leaving Tupperware in the fridge over the weekend. Self-preservation!

23 Oct – 21 Nov

Why do all the stressful triggers happen at once? You might feel like the universe is pulling a cruel trick with its hand of cards of late, during your birthday season and all, but breathe, seek out the positive people.

23 July – 22 Aug

Keep your financial wits about you in the latter days of October. There may be a new job contract with some negotiating room or a bill you really cannot ignore.

23 Aug – 22 Sept

Life is all change of late, which is perfect for your project planning ways, but make sure it doesn’t catch up with you. Book a few Fridays off for life admin and scones.

23 Sept – 22 Oct

Upcoming full moons will have you in a romantic tizzy, Ms Social Butterfly. Don’t be afraid to be a bit silly, wear head-to-toe pink, embrace the giddy wave.