Your September Horoscope: Here’s What’s In Store For The Month Ahead

Sarah White looks to the stars.


Everything should be golden for you, what with it being your month, Virgo. But you’re feeling a little bit tarnished. Maybe it’s time to tell that toxic friend or meddling loved one that you need some kindness.


With Mars entering Virgo in early September, passion projects are going to get the fire they need. Sort out that ambitious storage plan, or launch that project ASAP!


The next few weeks are all about precision with you. Starting back at college? Fine tune that laser focus by paring back on social commitments you don’t actually enjoy.


You’re wavering on the relationship front. Is your longtime lover actually the one? Or can you trust the newbie? If you’re honest with yourself and them, you’ll find the answer.


Insecurity is your hidden ailment of late. Career and self-confidence lows have got you in their grip, but the only person who can help is you. Don’t be scared of a few therapy sessions.


You’re a secret keeper, but maybe try unloading the naughtiest one to a partner this month. If you don’t invite people to the party, they won’t come. Same goes for sexual fantasies.


The new moon comes on the scene towards the end of the month, so keep on high alert. A departmental shift might mean a new opening you can nab, or you might finally find your forever home.


Paranoia can be unhealthy, but there’s something to be said about holding your cards to your chest. That new co-worker doesn’t need to know your plans to leave, after all knowledge is power.


Hygge up and retreat from the busy culture. Your body needs a break after the past few months, and so does your brain. Get a Kindle and pack it full of romance novels from Sarah Maclean.


Friendship break-ups happens, but so do reunions. A major life event will bring an old pal back into your life. Give each other a chance and let bygones be gone.


Finding fulfillment is often the crusade of a lifetime, but in the meantime, extricate yourself from a situation causing you anguish. Job seek, flat hunt, join a gym. Just make the change you need.


Keep an eye on the purse strings around the middle of the month. Distractions abound but if you instigate some boundaries, you can save yourself the panic.

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