Yuck! Turns Out Drinking From A Refilled Water Bottle Is Actually Gross AF

And here we were, thinking that getting our two litres down was a good thing.

woman drinking from a bottle of water

Chug, chug, chug.

It’s not easy glugging down your recommended two litres of water a day, but to make the whole thing a bit easier, it makes sense to bring in a bottle to keep at your work desk and to head off to the office kitchen to refill as needs be.

But while you might be keeping your H2O levels topped up throughout the day, it turns out there’s actually something super gross about reusing the same water bottle over and over again.

A report by treadmillreviews.net found that reused water bottles were host to thousands of bacterial cells; “more than 300,000 units per square centimetre” in fact.

To put that into perspective, this places used water bottles on par with licking a dog’s chew toy or eating from their bowl.


But what’s the alternative? It’s both bad for the environment and for our wallets to buy fresh bottles of water every single day, and it’s super important health-wise to make sure we’re getting enough of the cold stuff.

Well, straw-top bottles were the cleanest out of all the cups tested, so best get stocking up. The folks at Treadmill Review also recommended purchasing a stainless flask and making sure to wash it as frequently as possible.

Sigh. We’ll never feel so smug about getting our recommended two litres a day again.

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