Zara McDermott Shares Terrifying Ordeal After ‘Four Men In Balaclavas’ Surround Her In Locked Car

"I look up and there are four guys surrounding my car. Most of them had balaclavas on"

Love Island star Zara McDermott has been left shaken up after a terrifying ordeal that took place yesterday evening.

The reality star took to Instagram to share video footage of the incident which happened after she returned to her car following a shopping trip.


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“I put my shopping in the boot of the car, get into the car and I lock the door straight away,” she explained. “Within a few seconds of me putting my phone down and getting ready to go, I dropped my key on the floor, so I bend down to pick it up and I look up and there are four guys surrounding my car. Most of them had balaclavas on.”

The 25-year-old explained how one of the men attempted to open the door of her car, whilst another tapped on her back window to prevent her from moving.

Zara continued to explain that someone was attempting to get into her boot, while another was in front of the car, facing her. She then reversed the car and drove away.The former Love Islander went into detail about her ordeal on Instagram

“I just managed to get away from that situation. I’m fine but it really made me realise that one thing that I always do, always locking the car when I’m in it, imagine if I didn’t do that” the star said.

She explained that she is fine now despite being a bit shaken, and that the situation could have taken a different turn had she not been in the habit of locking her doors when she gets into her car.

“I could have had everything stolen off me, they could have stolen the car, they could have done something to me.”

Zara shared her experience with her followers to raise awareness for these types of incidents, and to encourage followers to always lock their doors to ensure they stay safe.

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