15 Super Flattering, High-Waisted Bikinis We’re Stocking Up On For Summer

Want a bikini for the summer that'll show some skin, but not too much? Say hello to this retro superstar.

ASOS high waist bikini

In case you’re not quite looking forward to bikini season with the gusto you might be expected to (by, apparently everyone ever, since it’s June), we think we can help.

Specifically, with a selection of tummy-tuckin’, wobble-hidin’, hip-sleekin’ two-pieces that give coverage where you want it (hello problem areas) but which still give lots of scope for tanning.

Say hello to the high-waist bikini, the summer saviour of many a girl who totally meant to lose 5lbs before her two weeker to Benalmadena but, y’know, carried on living her life instead.

Happy shopping!