5 Designer Fashion Dupes To Snap Up NOW

We've got the skinny the best high-street bargains that are taking serious #inspo from the high-end catwalks.

Designer duds are all well and good, but when you have a very real wage packet and an even more real overdraft to clear (ahem), it’s most unlikely that you’ll be indulging in many investment purchases. (C’mon, we can’t be alone?!)

Which is why it’s such great news that the high-street, eh, “takes inspiration” from the catwalk in sometimes very obvious ways – cue us rocking out our Fendi-alike Asos clutch bag while wearing our Stella-inspired Zara flatforms with our Dries Van Noten by way of Mango dress. Oh, yeah.

Have you spotted any more designer dupes we have to check out? (For the record, Zara is always a really deadly bet for designer-inspired bits’n’pieces that’ll totally tide you over between paydays.)