5 Style Lessons to Learn From Your Granny

Because she knows a thing or two about what looks good!

Advanced Style 1

Grannies. They come with the unique ability of reminding us we’re never too old for a telling off, and have an entire armoury of straight-talking advice, like “Eat your greens,” “Sit up straight,” “You’re slouching,” and “Back in my day, we did what we were told.” (They didn’t). But I bet you never thought she could teach you a thing or two about fashion. Heads up: she can. We’ve taken some inpso from the Grans of Advanced Style to show you just how cool she really is.

Sit up straight, granny’s about to give you a lesson in what to wear.

1 Dress like a lady

Granny is all about old school glam and she wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of baggy jeans and a t-shirt. In her day fashion was all about femininity and elegance. Think full skirts, big dresses and timeless heels. In other words, get out of those River Island skinnys for a day and embrace something ladylike, like an on-trend midi skirt. Who knows, it might just suit you!

2 Go for quality

There’s nothing we love more than having a good old rummage through Penneys and leaving with more purchases than we’re fit to carry, but in granny’s day, fashion wasn’t as fast. Follow in her footsteps and choose pieces that are timeless and made to last. For items like coats, bras and denim in particular, you should opt for quality over quantity. It’ll be worth it, honest.

3 Ignore trends

She’s been around the fashion block more than once and has seen more trends than you’ve had Happy Meals. Granny says stick to what suits you; opt for classic pieces and always dress for your shape. Fashion may come and go, but style is as timeless as that worn-out copy of the New Testament she keeps in her handbag.

4 Mend your clothes

Your gran’s probably a dab hand at repairing things and she’ll be the first to sort that rip in your shirt, when you probably would’ve just chucked it in the bin. Get handy with a sewing kit so you can mend or update fashion pieces that may have otherwise been thrown out. We’ll bet she’ll be dead proud of your needle and thread skills.

5 Be practical

While she’d never slob out in sweats or run to the shops in her PJs, your nanny knows that comfort equals style. Only wear shoes you can walk in, buy clothes that fit and always, ALWAYS bring a jacket, because as your gran would probably tell you ‘that wind out there would freeze ya!’

Pic credit: Advanced Style