6 Hacks For Fixing Ruined Clothes

Disaster has struck and you've ruined your fave top, dress or pair of jeans. Don't chuck 'em yet. You can save them with these tricks.

Foundation stain on a top

Bonus Tips:

  • Spilled red wine on your top? Dab white wine on the stain before washing it.
  • Clothes starting to shed? Pop them in the freezer overnight.
  • Got gum stuck to the ass of your jeans? Put ice on it and scrap it off after 20 minutes.

Argh. You’ve spilled foundation/smudged lipstick/broken the zip on your favourite dress – yep, the one you spent a fortune on – and now you’re gonna have to toss it. Devo.

But, hold up, don’t chuck it just yet. You might still be able to salvage it with these smart hacks, no matter what the disaster…

Make-up stains

lipstick stains

Damn. One minute you were painting on your foundation, the next you’ve got a massive blob of it on your top. Fix it by spraying a little bit of shaving cream on the mark and then wash it. Smudged lippie on your clothes? Spray the stain with hairspray, let it set for a few minutes and then wash.

(Nearly) broken sunnies

Fixing sunglasses

Sunglasses feeling a little loose after being stored at the bottom of your bag all summer? Tighten them up by painting a small bit of clear nail polish over the hinge. It will hold them in place a little while longer.

Dirty Suede

nail file on suede

Those genuine suede boots cost you a month’s pay and now you’ve only gone and scuffed dirt all over the sides of them. To save them, simply buff the dirt off with a nail file – but be gentle!

A stuck zip

petroleum jelly on a zip

Got a zip that just won’t budge? Loosen the tracks with a little petroleum jelly. If it’s truly broken though, you’ll need to take it to a tailor. Soz.

Smelly shoes

baking soda in your shoes

There’s a major pong of your gym shoes. Fix it by putting baking soda in them after your next workout. It’ll soak up the sweat and odour. Bonus hack: Use dry tea bags to do the same job.

Broken underwire

broken bra underwire

Your underwire has broken free of your bra and it’s jabbing you in the boob. Push it back in place, and then cover the tear with a patch of adhesive moleskin. Doneso.