6 Times Amy Huberman Looked Amazingly Glam

High heels and floor length gowns: Amy Huberman's black-tie looks give us serious style envy. #Sigh.


All hail Queen Hubes! Last week we paid homage to Amy Huberman’s deadly off-duty style, with a gawjus gallery of her most awesome casual looks, that we’re seriously dying to emulate. But make no mistake, the Hubes can glam up, and do the red carpet with the best of them too.

Yep, whether it’s a big awards do she’s off too, heading to The Late Late Show with Brian, or just high-tailing it about town in a pair of heels and a dress, the Hubes’ glam ensembles always look seriously, well, glam.

And is it just us or does she look just as stylish in a pair of leopard shorts and stacked heels as she does in a stunning floor length gown? Yep, we reckon she’s really got that whole feminine-chic thing down pat, and we’re not at all jealous. Swear!

Pic credits: VIP Ireland