6 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe When Your Bank Account’s Empty

Because who says money equals style?


So, payday’s come and gone, you’re flat broke and you haven’t got a single thing to wear. But before you swear never to leave the house again, here are few ways to update your wardrobe – without spending an unholy fortune.

1 Mend and make do

Make like your Mammy and get in the habit of fixing your clothes. Don’t write off a fashion fave simply cos it has a few rips or tears. Get handy with your sewing kit instead: replacing the buttons on an old coat can give it an edgy new feel – and save you €€€s. Result.

2 Don’t forget fabric

Silk undies and cashmere coats might be on the back burner for a while, but tweed, cotton and linen often look expensive, but are much more affordable to buy. To keep knits looking like new invest in a fabric shaver to nix away any little frays, bobbles or pulls. Fabric shaver? More like life saver!

3 Buy it in black

Darker fabrics tend to look more expensive than neutrals or brights, not too mention they’re seriously sultry (and slimming, bonus). Keep it budget friendly with black base items, like skinnys, blazers and tees. More of a rainbow-style kinda gal? Accessorise with some brightly coloured shoes or jewellery to keep it colourful.

4 The one in, one out rule

Its time to get tactical. Your new rule? If you buy one, you sell one. No exceptions. Eyeing a cute blazer in River Island? Stick an old one on eBay or Depop market. It forces you to think how much you really want it, plus you get to trade something old and boring for something shiny and new. Win-win really, huh?

5 Cop on to coupons

Are you an internet shopping addict? Next time you’re about to hit ‘Add to cart’, give discount codes a quick Google. With offers like free international shipping and up to 50% off on selected brands, why would you not!?

6 Get thrifty

It’s not just your Nan who shops in charity stores, y’know. These days thrifty is the new couture. It’s vintage, darling. Get down to your local charity shop and have a good rummage. With coats for around the €10 mark, you’d be mad not to. Just give it the once-over to make sure it’s in decent nick, yeah?

Pic cred: Boohoo