Would Being Able To Have Sex 16,000 Times A Year Tempt You Into Ditching Your Smartphone?

You'd be raw, surely.

Couple having sex on the floor

The New York Times recently posted a questionable article about how much Americans use their smartphones and reasons to cut down on that usage. Sounds all well and good, except one of their reasons was that if you cut down on you phone usage you could have sex 16,000 times per year. Interesting..

The widely shared article showed that in 2018, 253 million Americans spent $1,380 and 1,460 hours on their smartphone and other mobile devices, aka 91 waking days. Sounds like a hell of a lot, so The Times suggested better ways you could spend your time and money – and one of those ways was sexy-time.

The article revealed that, according to a recent study, more than 29 percent of Americans would rather give up sex for three months than give up their smartphone for a single week. TBH that statistic doesn’t make us gasp – most people have gone longer than three months without sex and will do so again.

However, that wasn’t the weird part. The NY Times then went on to say that if you gave up your device for a year, you would have time to make love about 16,000 times for an average of 5.4 minutes (excluding foreplay). Does that number sound unreasonably high to you? It’s because it is.

If you decide to drop your iPhone for a year, you’ll be able to have sex 43.8 times every day of the year. AMAZING, why didn’t we do this sooner?

Sarcasm aside, who really wants to have sex 16,000 times a day, let alone has the time?

New York magazine The Cut also had some quarrels with this, so they did some digging, the divils. They took particular notice of the 5.4 minutes of nooky “excluding foreplay” stat, and found that the study that figure originally comes from only refers to the average duration of straight, P-in-V sex (or, as the study puts it, “intravaginal ejaculatory latency”), which finishes when the man does. Sounds CLAAASS.

So what about the couples who don’t have a P-and-V situation going on? Well The Cut says that a 2014 study found that women in sexual relationships with other women averaged 30 to 45 minutes per sexy session. Now if you were at that 43.5 times a day, you’d be making the sticky for between 22 and 32.9 hours, which is literally impossible.

Bottom line is: having sex 16,000 times a year is far too much – no matter who you are or what your sexual orientation is.


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