Addicted To Penneys? Not To Worry, It’s Because Of Science!

Here's why we're addicted to those fast fashion fixes we all love so much.

street style girls out shopping

Can’t get enough of your fave fash fash fix? No, us either and it’s a rare weekend when we don’t hit up Penneys, New Look, H&M or Zara on the hunt for a brand new going out top, skirt or accessory at non bank-breaking price.

Now though, we’ve got a reason behind our behaviour. Uh-huh, according to a report in The Atlantic, impulsive shopping can be blamed on science. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, boyfriend who’s complaining about not having any wardrobe space.

Yup, science says that it’s all based on the high we get from nabbing a bargain. In a 2007 study conducted by researchers from Stanford, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon, fMRI technology was used to monitor the brains of test subjects as they shopped for clothes. When they spotted something they really wanted (eh, that Zara skort or the M&S suede skirt Olivia Palermo’s been papped in, anyone?) the pleasure centre in the brain goes absolutely bananas with the want.

If this all sounds like a no-brainer (pun totally intended), you’d be right. We all know we get the love from shopping, but now at least we can explain, thanks to boffins, exactly why. Thanks science peeps!