Baby’s Got Rack: What To Wear When You’ve Got Big Boobs

Big up top? Check out our cheat sheet to dressing a bigger bust.

curvy girl in lingerie

Boobs, eh? We reckon they’re pretty deadly, but if you’re sporting a pair on the other side of a D cup, they come with their own specific set of problems; like shirts that won’t button and even the most modest of garments looking a little bit risqué. On the plus side though, there are a few fashion tricks to totally flatter your assets. No tit tape involved.

1 Colour contouring

Want to downplay a large bust? Dark colours will make things seem smaller, while lighter colours will add extra curves. Looking to add balance? Pairing dark coloured separates will make the most of your figure. We reckon this black lace peplum is a big bust bestie. Pair it with leather look leggings for a deadly going out look.

lipsy black peplum top

€65.58, Lipsy

2 Upsize

Found the perf shirt but the buttons just won’t close? #Grr. Buttoned shirts and blazer jackets can be a bit of pain to get right when you’re rocking bigger boobs, but they’re also super flattering on your frame cos they help add structure to your curves. The moral? If you really like it, don’t be afraid to go up a size. A good fit is what’s important, not the number that’s on the label.

comma white blazer

€119.99, Comma

3 If you’ve got it, flaunt it

V-necks suit you because they help to decrease the size of your bust, while also drawing attention to your deadly cleavage. Wide necks can make your bust look overly huge though, so steer clear where possible. Oh, and FYI, shift dresses are totally your friend, gurl.

river island peplum shift dress

€60, River Island

4 Get the right bra

By far the most important tip out of the bunch. Bigger boobs need extra support, and wearing a good fitting bra is the best way to create the perfect silhouette. Check out our guide to find your perfect bra here.


Pic credit: Littlewoods