Did Kim Kardashian Just Bring Back The Side Part?

Stop everything the side part is back!(?)


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Since the rise of TikTok, we have been told that the side part is over. It’s ‘cheugy’, it’s old and you’re not cool if you don’t have your hair parted directly down the middle, whether it’s up or down.

In a bid to cling on to the Gen Z in me, which I am an official member of being born in 1997, I called it quits on my natural slight side part and embraced the middle parting, which I have truly loved ever since.

When I go to the hair dressers and they ask “where should I part it?”, I always feel a little cool and main character saying “In the middle please”. Knowing that they know, that I know what’s up in the hair world.


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Feeling very Addison Rae when I got face-framing layers cut in (still not quite daring enough to go full curtain bang, but we move) and the middle part going strong the natural parting of my hair was quite the distant memory, until last night.

While I scrolled my phone, still reeling over Laura Whitmore’s Love Island news, I didn’t expect another bombshell on my feed of a Monday evening. Mechanically refreshing the app, as you do, I was stunned to find a picture of my favourite celebrity, reality TV star, powerhouse mogul, and pop-culture icon Kimberly Kardashian in dark room, with sunglasses on posing nonchalantly in a tank top and brown leather jacket with her platinum blonde tresses still going strong (we love a blonde Kim), but notably not falling where they usually fall. Kim Kardashian had a side part.

Now, as you know the Kardashians are a blueprint for trends, what they wear, we wear (eventually), what they sell, we want. Even if you don’t know it, what’s trendy usually stems from something Kardashian adjacent more often than not. So, this was a power move by Kim. Going against what the internet tells us, and simply parting her hair to the side, even dawning a whisper of a side fringe, without warning, proved that she is immune to being cheugy (pulling off velure tracksuits and side fringes like nobody’s business). It also got me wondering, does this mean side parts are back?


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Will we see the side part creep back into our everyday life? Will the side fringe replace the curtain bang? Is this a gateway for the overly side parted, cover your eye, back combed fringe to return? Because for the last one, I really hope not.

Maybe it’s just a moment of, Kim can pull off anything. But if it is a moment that changes the hair era we are in, I…don’t think I’m mad?

I love the middle part, and tbh wear your hair however you want. But Kim’s chic side part, created by her hair stylist Chris Appleton, is doing something for me, maybe I’ll give it a go… The diversity of hairstyles we could have if society didn’t shun a side part?! I mean, I’m here for it.

Chris, who is the master behind many an iconic hairstyle for Kim, commented on her picture further confirming his love for the look writing, “Yes side part.” Which basically confirms what I’m thinking…

If my predictions are correct, side partings may be making their way back into acceptance. We might see a surge of ‘sideys’ from a few more A-listers, maybe some TikTokers (I’m looking at you Addison and the D’Amelios) which will then filter into the influencers, who by then have deemed it pretty cool, thus, we may resume with our chosen parting on any given day.

It’s always exciting when a trend makes its comeback after being exiled. The Ugg boot revival thrilled me tbh, what will be next? Who really knows, but I’d adore a moment for bedazzled phones. Remember the T-Mobile Sidekick? Let’s bring it back guys, @Kim give us a hand. Thanks x