Forget The Floordrobe: 10 Fashion Commitments You Need To Make In 2017

Do you do battle every day with bulging rails and piles of clothes you can't make head nor tail of? Linda Conway has your resolution rule book to sort your style right out. Phew!


1 Yes, we shall detox

Get stuck in and take everything, (yes everything) out of your wardrobe. Make three piles: what you wear regularly, what you haven’t worn in five months and what you’ll be wearing within three months – like seasonal pieces. In the majority of cases (aside from that coat for minus degree temperatures) the items you’ve been stashing for longer than five months have no place.

Say farewell; pass them onto friends, a charity shop or get yourself some cash and consign them. Next up, make sure everything is spanking clean and pressed. This may require some stain removing and a trip to the dry cleaners, but hey, anything for the pristine wardrobe of your dreams. If you’re left with a minimal pile, fear not – welcome to your new wardrobe journey!

2 We agree to organise

Followed by the detox, we’re getting sorted. Hang as much as possible; the more you see the more you’ll wear. Fold jeans into neat piles, so you can see the wash, and keep each particular type of item together. Look to places like Pinterest for smart storage solutions (search ‘clothes organisation for tonnes of ideas). Different methods work for different people, but if you can’t see it, you can’t wear it, so a tidy wardrobe is happy wardrobe. If you’re really into it at this point, go ahead and colour code. You’ll thank us when you wake up late for work and can instantly put a hand on that emerald green top. Swearsies.

3 We’re going back to basics

Throw out odd socks, revamp your undie drawer and most importantly, get fitted for a bra. It’s recommended we go for a fitting twice a year, and experts say we should be replacing our bras every six months. Aside from the fact that we should support our boobs, an ill-fitting bra will mean ill-fitting clothes. It’s a no-brainier, eh? And the same goes for VPL, so add some seam-free underwear to your collection. Next up; shape wear. You may or may not love a pair of Spanx, but a great slip will transform a dress from sticky to slinky. Proper foundation pieces can unstick many wardrobe malfunctions.

4 We’re gonna spend money

We’re all guilty of dropping more on a one time dress for our cousin’s wedding than on the shoes we wear every day. Break the habit, and re-assess what you wear most. This is where we should be spending the most of our money that we spend on clothes. Yes, it’s a bit of a fashion advice cliché, but investing in wardrobe basics is a splurge at the time, but you don’t have to keep on plunging that cash in, every season.

5 We promise to be braver

In need of some #inspo? Our fave stop offs when we want to get our sartorial juices flowing are street style blogs. Our faves are Street Pepper and The Locals at the mo’. Instagram gives a daily dose of fashion fabulosity; just find your style muse. We love @manrepeller, @krystal_bick, @thefashionguitar and @giizeleoliveira. Unsurprisingly, once you’ve found your style guardian, putting a look together gets a lot easier.

6 We resolve to reinvent

Take the pieces you love, and give ’em a little TLC. Why? Well, rather than throwing away the coat you spent a months wages on, reinvent it. It may be something as simple as changing the buttons or adding a belt – and you’ve got yourself a new piece! It’s also worth looking at fit. If your size has changed or you’ve been gifted something that needs some nipping and tucking, visit your dress maker or tailor, STAT. Places like the Zip Yard are also a great option, offering advice and up-styling options to reinvent old clothes.

7 We’re copping on

We’ve all been there, shrunk that fine knit jumper in a 70 degree nylon wash, or hung instead of flat drying that delicate top. Check the labels. If it states dry clean only, flat dry or hand wash, the advice is there for a reason. Separate colours and whites, and store things in a way that won’t alter their desired shape. Use colour catchers, invest in good pegs and a clothes rack and get to know the settings on your washer and dryer. The more care you give your clothes, the longer they’ll last.

8 We’re giving up our impulses

Well, not all of them, but it’s time to say buh-bye to that weekend shopping habit. Once you’ve completed a wardrobe detox you may find yourself with a whole pile of clothes you do love, but will never wear. Welcome to consignment shopping. Siopaella was one of the first to hit our shores, and now consignment stores are popping up all around the country. You bring in your pre-loved goods (in great condition, obvs), they’re sold, and you get around 40 percent of the final sale.
It’ll completely transform the way you clear out your wardrobe and shop.

9 We’re banning black

Yup, it’s fashion’s favourite shade and the one we reach for by default – but so does Eastenders’ Phil Mitchell. So we’re taking a time out and learning to love colour this year. Honest we are. No, we swear. And so should you – from pastel to candy hues and neons, colour is brightening, enlivening and plain good fun.

10 We’re getting social conscience

Thanks to scandals like Rana Plaza and documentaries like The True Cost, we’ve become more aware of the impact our buying habits have on developing countries and our environment. It’s within our control to make conscious and positive shopping decisions to change the industry for the better. Check out companies like Eco Age and People Tree, which are pushing change in the fashion sector.

This article first appeared in STELLAR’s January 2016 issue. Our January/February issue is on shelves now! 

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