How To Get Longer Out Of Your Favourite Bra

Want that gawjus new bra to stay perky past its six month expiry? Here's how.

girl in pink underwear

Did you know that you’re ideally meant to change your bra every six months? Yep, we were shocked too – we have food in our freezer longer than that, and that’s a helluva lot of spends at Victoria’s Secret. So in the name of saving a bob, and clinging on to our most prized possession for an extra few weeks, we found out how you can make your fave bra last just that little bit longer.

Quick Tips

  • Get the right fit. If it’s tight, it’ll be more prone to stretching.
  • Don’t twist it on. Let your boobs fall naturally into the cups, and fasten at the back.
  • Use it for its purpose. If you’re heading to the gym, invest in a sports bra.


Ugh, so we know it takes agessss and it’s mega boring, but washing by hand is the only way to go as far as your bra is concerned. You’ll need to use a delicate detergent and let it air-dry too. Machine washing will cause tears, make it lose its shape and cause the underwire to pop out. #Grr. A top tip? Be sure to re-shape the cups while the bra is still wet. They’ll keep their form longer.

Don’t wear your bra every day

We’re not big fans of saving things for Sunday best here at STELLAR. (We believe you should really get the enjoyment out of your favourite items) but giving your fave bra a break every couple of days allows it to recover from stretching.

In the long run, that’ll mean it retains its shape and overall fit just that little bit longer. I guess we can face wearing our everyday t-shirt bra a couple of days a week then so. Oh, and FYI, sleeping in your bra is a sure-fire way to stretch it out, not too mention it’s mega uncomfortable.


Tempted to squash that bra into a drawer with all your other delicates? Oh no, please don’t. A crammed drawer is no place for your bra to breathe. It’ll lose it’s shape and support, and that’s bad news for your boobies. The foam needs time to rest and bounce back into shape, so instead, hang it up. Stuck for storage ideas? Check out this Pinterest board  for stacks of pretty, bra-friendly storage ideas.

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Pic credit: Debenhams