How To Shop For The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

In the market for a new pair of denims? Our fashion ed Linda Conway shares her top tips for buying the perf pair of jeans.

Cara Delevingne

You’re after that statement pair of denims. Yeah, you know the ones; they feel fabulous on, and they go with every item in your wardrobe. Sure, they can be mighty hard to find, but “once you find the perfect pair for you (and it’s worth the search)” says our fashion ed Linda Conway “you’ll never look back.”

Here’s Linda’s top tips for doin’ just that:


Wanna pair that’ll last? Loosen those purse strings, cos it’s quality that counts. “Invest in a few really good pairs,” suggests Linda. “Wear them to their death, then re-invest. Spending €20 on five pairs that don’t rock your world, justifies spending more on one pair in my opinion.”

And if you’re shopping high street? Linda’s got love for Topshop, Joni’s, River Island, Mollys and Dr. Denims.

Consider your shape

Not sure what flatters you? High-waisted styles are great for elongating your legs if you’re short, while Boyfriend jeans may swamp a petite frame. Curvy girls should look out for wider-legged skinnys, while mid-rise jeans will flatter your hips and tum.

Get the right fit

A fabulous fit is a sure-fire way to feel confident in your new jeans. “Lunge in that fitting room,” instructs Linda. “There is nothing more tragically devastating as buying what you think are the perfect pair only for them to gape out at the back when you sit or feel too tight when you’re bending down.

The lesson? Forget the actual size and focus on how they feel on. Don’t be embarrassed to strut around the fitting room to really break them in. “Wiggle your way right into them bad boys!” instructs Linda.

Read the label

Fit is important, but it’s also crucial to know how your jeans are going to wear, so consult the label to see how those numbers will add up. “If there’s a lot of stretch you may want to consider the next size down,” says Linda. They’ll lose their stretch sooner rather than later in most cases.” The rule of thumb? Stick to denim with 1% elastane or less. They’ll stretch less and retain their shape for longer.