How To Update Your Wardrobe For Spring On A Teeny Tiny Budget

It's that time of year again when we're shopping for new season threads. Here's how to do it at a snip of the cost.

Street Style

You’re sick to death of wearing your heavy winter coat and you’ve worn your ankle boots so much they’re now worn at the toe. It’s time to hit the shops and stock up for spring, but here’s the kicker: your bank account’s virtually empty. Sigh.

Don’t fret, gurl. We know how you can reboot your wardrobe without needing a celebrity’s bank balance.

Out with the old

It’s time for a clear out, ladyfriend. We say exercise a one-in-one-out policy and utilise sites like Depop, Ebay and local Buy and Sell groups on Facebook to make back some cash on your old threads. Detailed product descriptions and good photography can really increase your earning potential. Once you’ve made your moolah, you can put your profits towards your new season wardrobe.

Mix and match

It’s great to pick up minimalistic pieces that are versatile. “Look for simple pieces which you can mix and match,” advises stylist and personal shopper Laura Mullett. It’s all in the planning. Know what you need and plan multiple ways you can wear it if you wanna get maximum bang for your buck.

Hit the high street

Laura confirms that you don’t need to spend big to look stylish. “I think it’s all about experimenting with high-street and high-end,” she tells us. “It’s about finding good quality items from Penneys that suit your needs, and then maybe going to River Island and Next and Wallis for the rest of your purchases.” We like to have a strategy when we shop; we always hit the cheaper stores first and work our way up to the more expensive shops last, cos who knows, we may find everything we need in our first (read: cheapest) stop and save ourselves a packet.

Find deals online

For Laura, you can’t beat Littlewoods for nabbing a bargain online. Making a purchase? Be sure to do a quick Google search for coupon codes before you checkout; you might score a discount! The number one rule when it comes to buying online though? Know your size and read the website’s sizing guide for the lowdown on exact measurements. Oh, and remember to read the reviews so you don’t end up spending a fortune on returns. Sorted.


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