KKW Beauty Is Launching Its First Mascara Ever, So You Can Now Have Lashes Like The Kardashians

We want to try this!

The KKW Beauty range is expanding rapidly and we simply cannot keep up.

Today, Kim Kardashian’s beauty range will launch its first ever mascara. The mascara is being sold as part of a full collection set called the Glam Bible Smokey Volume 1 and will also be sold separately.

The new collection includes a six-shade eyeshadow palette, a brick-colored blush, a gold highlighter, some false lashes, a black pencil liner, a peach lipliner, two peach-y lipsticks, a powder puff, a makeup sponge, a sharpener, and, of course, the new mascara.

The formula of the mascara has been kept under lock and key, however the packaging is simple (like most KKW products) and the brush looks nice and thick.

If you want the entire new fab collection it’ll set you back $150 (approx €130) or you can try the mascara alone for $18 (€16).

The entire collection will be on sale tonight at 8:00pm on the KKW official website, so set your alarm, we think it’ll sell out fast!



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